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Turkish-style Eggs with Fragrant Oil and Dukkah

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Something quick and delicious for a weekend breakfast, or a weekday supper with a super greens salad. As I don't use dairy, I have substituted coconut yoghurt and organic olive oil for the butter and Greek yoghurt, added a sprinkle of Dukkah which adds a delicious nutty and spicy element. Coconut yoghurt does not taste of coconut and is a great substitute for Greek yoghurt because it is so thick and rich. Combined with two organic poached eggs and a choice of your bread - I use a gluten/wheat free variety - you have a marriage made in heaven. By the way, coconut yoghurt is yoghurt made from coconut milk with added culture, not cow's milk yoghurt flavoured with coconut. Obvious maybe, but I have twice bought it by mistake!

It is important that the olive oil is gently heated and then left to cook out the garlic without any further heat. I heat the saucepan and then add the olive oil and other ingredients and leave for 15 minutes or so for the flavours to develop without heat. But be careful not to overheat the pan, else everything will burn and the oil will be spoiled. Olive oil should never be heated to high temperatures as the molecular structure of the oil changes and can be toxic to the body and these toxins are often stored in our adipose tissue (fat).

The wave of obesity at the moment is in my opinion is caused by spoiled oils, especially those used for frying. Fast food outlets use their oil for a week before sending it off to be recycled. Each time the oil is heated the molecular structure changes and causes havoc with our bodies because the body does not recognise the oil as food. I believe a certain type of obesity is caused by fast food consumption. People with this type of fat often find it the most difficult to lose. Morgan Speerlock found it difficult to lose the weight from his month of MacDonald's foods featured in his documentary 'Supersize Me' because of these damaged oils. It took a month for him to put on 10lbs but nearly 9 months to remove it.

Coconut oil and grass fed butter or even lard should only be used for frying as these are solid at room temperature and do not alter molecular structure when heated to the temperatures required for deep frying. I only use coconut oil for high temperature frying and you can buy a good quality organic coconut oil from Aldi for less than £3.

Make a larger batch of the Dukkah and store in a screw top jar and used with olive oil and crusty bread for a gorgeous snack with a glass of organic sulphite free wine


Serves 2

300 g coconut yoghurt

4 organic eggs

chopped flat leaf parsley to garnish

** 1 cup of Healing Intent

For the Dukkah

1tbs pistachios, shelled

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

1/2 tsp coriander seeds

1/2 tsp black sesame

1/4 tsp pink Himalayan salt.

For the flavoured oil

6 tbs organic olive oil

1 fat clove garlic, crushed

1/2 tsp chilli flakes

1/2 tsp pink Himalayan salt

1 tbs chopped flat leaf parsley

1. Toast the ingredients for the Dukkah over a low heat and when fragrant and the seeds popping tip into a spice grinder or pestle and mortar and lightly grind. Take care not to burn the seed mixture.

2. Heat a saucepan (not until smoking - if you overheat it, let it cool a little) and remove from the heat. Add the ingredients for the flavoured oil, except the parsley. Leave for 15 minutes for the flavours to develop. Do not reheat the oil. Just before serving stir in the parsley.

3. Place 150 g yoghurt in the bottom of each bowl and make two wells for the eggs. Poach the eggs for three to four minutes and using a slotted spoon, place in the wells in the yoghurt.

4. Drizzle with the olive oil mixture, and top with a sprinkling of Dukkah and some more parsley. Serve with bread or crackers and a small dish of Dukkah on the side to sprinkle on those last delicious morsels. To eat make sure you get a spoonful of everything to fully enjoy the flavours.

** Healing Intent: when cooking foods to heal the body it is important to set your intent. The best way to do this is imagine that you are cooking this dish for yourself or for someone you love who is very ill and that this dish is the only thing that will help in their healing. You will find that the way you handle the food will change, and will not only result in a better dish, but you will feel the food actually nourishing your body and spirit.

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