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Omega 3 Virus Protection - Budwig Muesli

The Budwig Muesli, served above on a gluten free rice cake, kept me protected after my anti-CanSur protocol from all viral infections. For the last three years, I have used this Budwig Muesli in my anti-Cansur protocol and never got a cold or flu, but never really realised why I was protected. I am still using it.

Flax seed oil - an Omega 3 fatty acid - strengthens the lipid membranes of your cells. All viruses have to penetrate these cell walls in order to replicate, thus Omega 3 helps slow down viral replication, or completely stop it and is essential for a healthy immune system. It has worked for me, so I pass it on for you to try, not just now, but as part of your ongoing health regime.

I prefer to serve it simply with salt and pepper on a rice cake with maybe a sprinkling of chives, but you can add raw cocoa powder, chia seeds, raw honey, blueberries, raspberries, chopped onion, chopped tomato, mashed avocado - in fact anything you fancy. Just ensure that you use freshly ground flax seeds as they will start to oxidise after 20 minutes. I find this extremely filling, so use as a luncheon dish.

The Budwig Muesli also delivers oxygen to the cells. CanSur cells require anaerobic conditions to grow, so this Muesli helps keep the cells oxygenated. This Protocol was developed by Dr Joanna Budwig in the 1950s and 60s and is still used today.

Quark is now available from Tesco, but I have yet to find an organic version. It is essential that the quark is less than 2% fat. I buy my flax seed oil from Amazon. The brand is Ol Vita and it is a Polish brand especially made for the Budwig Protocol. Flax seed oil should always be stored in the fridge as it is subject to oxidation which reduces its effectiveness.

This recipe is the the daily amount a CanSur patient should use, but if you are just using this to enhance your immune system, then this can easily serve 2 persons.


Serves 1 - 2

6 tbs cottage cheese or quark that is less than 2% fat

3 tbs organic high quality COLD extracted linseed oil

2 tbs freshly ground flax seeds.

1. Mix the quark with the flax seed oil with a stick blender until the oil is COMPLETELY bonded to the quark. If there is a film of oil on top of the quark it is not blended enough. The resulting mixture should look slightly yellow from the oil.

2. Grind the flax seeds and stir in freshly ground flax seeds and consume within 20 minutes as after this time the flax seeds will become rancid.

3. This can be flavoured with chopped onion, chopped tomato, fresh coriander, salt and pepper, avocado, raw cacao powder and raw honey.

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