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Coconut Smoothie with Berries

This is a delicious dairy-free (though you would never know it) wake-me-up brekkie on the go to zing you into your day, with the addition of a little oat flour to help stabilise the smoothie so that it doesn't separate. Each serving provides two portions of nutritious vitamin and anti-oxidant rich berries with potassium-rich banana that really is not too sweet. I find coconut yoghurt to be incredibly satisfying and keeps me going until lunch without the need for carbs. Waitrose at the moment has lots of luscious organic strawberries, raspberries and blueberries as the last gasp of summer. So grab them while they are available, as organic strawberries are difficult to obtain - last year I only managed to find them thrice in the supermarkets. Non-organic strawberries are an absolute no-no as they can be sprayed with up to 20 different pesticides pre- and post-harvest, raspberries and blueberries fare a little better but still are sprayed and on a post-CanSur protocol toxins should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Enjoy the last of the summer wine.



Serves 2

1 ripe organic banana

100 ml Co-Yo organic coconut yoghurt

100 ml Rude Health coconut drink

120 ml coconut water

80 g organic raspberries

80 g organic blueberries

120 g organic strawberries

15 g gluten free organic oat flour

** 1 cup Healing Intent

1. Place all of the ingredients in a Vitamix or Nutrimix or quality blender and blitz until smooth. Add a paper straw and enjoy!

** Healing Intent: when cooking and preparing foods to heal the body it is important to set your intent. The best way to do this is imagine that you are cooking this dish for yourself or for someone you love who is very ill and that this dish is the only thing that will help in their healing. You will find that the way you handle the food will change, and will not only result in a better dish, but you will feel the food actually nourishing your body and spirit.

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