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Bubble and Squeak Cakes with Poached Eggs and Saffron Aioli

My kids used to call these Bubble and Squeaky cakes, for obvious reasons, but the addition of caraway seeds helps offset a little of the bubble and squeak aftereffects from the cabbage!

Bubble and Squeak cakes are a little bit retro but make for a spiffing vegetarian Sunday brunch recipe or a supper dish with a fresh green salad. It uses gorgeous emerald green Savoy cabbage, which is in season at the moment and this is great way to use any leftover leaves. Combined with caramelised onions and fragrant caraway seeds that aid the digestion of cabbage and other brassicas, this is a delicious way to have a saintly and delicious healthy brunch.

To prepare the cabbage, remove whole leaves from the Savoy cabbage, wash and dry thoroughly and remove the thick central vein. The leaves are then rolled tightly lengthways and sliced very thinly perpendular to the roll - the French call this method of preparation 'chiffonade'. It is also a great way of preparing leafy vegetables to mimic noodles for Asian dishes and looks very elegant.

The caramelised onions adds a much needed sweetness to the dish and I do this with a tsp of date syrup added at the end of cooking. On an anti-CanSur protocol, sugar is forbidden but date syrup is allowed. But be careful not to burn them else they will make the cakes bitter.

This recipe makes enough for 6 x 3" cakes about 3/4 inch thick so that the eggs sit nicely upon it. I add a little Eco-mil Almond Cream to the potatoes when mashing because this adds a creaminess that helps the mixture stick together.

I always poach eggs in a frying pan as I find it difficult to get those perfect spherical poached eggs that many chefs seem able to do. Just add 1/4 tsp salt and 1 tsp cider vinegar to the water and this stops the eggs from spreading too much. The water should just cover the eggs and they should be poached for 3 - 4 minutes and removed from the water with a slotted spoon to allow excess water to drain away.

My Saffron Aioli watered down to a consistency that coats a spoon is a great substitute for Hollandaise Sauce which is full of butter and therefore a no-no on an anti-CanSur protocol. It makes for a happy sunny dish to greet the day.

The cakes can be made the night before and put into the fridge to firm up ready for cooking in the morning, or frozen for later use.

Serves 3

400 g organic potato, cooked

160 g organic Savoy cabbage, shredded

1 medium onion, halved and finely sliced

1 tsp date syrup

1/2 tsp pink Himalayan salt

1 tsp caraway seeds

2 tbs Eco-Mil almond cream

6 poached eggs

3 tbs watered down The Healing Pantry Saffron Aioli

snipped chives

pink Himalayan salt and pepper to season

coconut oil

** 1 cup Healing Intent

1. Steam the cabbage for 2 minutes and remove from heat. It should still be bright green.

2. Cook the sliced onions in a little coconut oil over a very low heat. Add the 1/2 tsp salt and stir occasionally to ensure the onions are not catching. They should be cooked for around 20 minutes until lightly golden. Add the date syrup and continue to cook for around 1 - 2 minutes, stirring constantly and set aside.

3. Mash the peeled potatoes lightly, season and add the almond cream. When incorporated add the caraway seeds, caramelised onions and cabbage and mix thoroughly. Shape into 6 patties, around 3 inches in diameter and about 3/4 inch thick.

4. Heat coconut oil and cook over a low heat for 8 - 10 minutes on each side until golden.

5. Following the above instructions poach 6 eggs. Remove with a slotted spoon and place on top each cake. Add the Saffron Aioli and top with some snipped chives.


** Healing Intent: when cooking foods to heal the body it is important to set your intent. The best way to do this is imagine that you are cooking this dish for yourself or for someone you love who is very ill and that this dish is the only thing that will help in their healing. You will find that the way you handle the food will change, and will not only result in a better dish, but you will feel the food actually nourishing your body and spirit.

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