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Avocado Stuffed with Saffron Aioli

My super quick keto luncheon or supper dish - (or serve half an avocado as a dinner party starter) - uses left-over chicken from the Sunday roast together with a couple of dollops of my gorgeous Saffron Aioli. Simple to put together, absolutely delicious and a little bit of an indulgence.

Avocados are one of the few fruit that you can get away with not being organic. The pears ripen off the tree and have very little sprayed onto them, and their thick skin ensures little gets through to the flesh if they are sprayed. In the US they are ranked #2 of the Top 15 Least-Sprayed List. Now that's a little bit of good news! But to be safe, I always wash them in a vegetable spray to remove any surface and insect debris.

On the other hand, pistachios are subjected to a lot of spraying, especially a pesticide called 'phosmet' which is considered a Category C carcinogen - meaning there is inadequate human or animal data available to refute or support carcinogenicity, but it is probably safer to buy organic.



Serves 2 - 4

Two whole avocado, halved and stone removed

2 tbs The Healing Pantry Saffron Aioli

4 oz cooked, shredded and roughly chopped organic chicken

3 organic spring onions, finely chopped

1 tbs chopped organic pistachio nuts

micro herbs to garnish

½ tsp pink Himalayan salt

** 1 cup Healing Intent

Mix the chicken, spring onions, salt and aioli together and stuff into the cavities of the avocados. Garnish with chopped pistachio and microherbs. Enjoy.

** Healing Intent: when cooking foods to heal the body it is important to set your intent. The best way to do this is imagine that you are cooking this dish for yourself or for someone you love who is very ill and that this dish is the only thing that will help in their healing. You will find that the way you handle the food will change, and will not only result in a better dish, but you will feel the food actually nourishing your body and spirit.

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