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When diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, I decided to follow the principles of the Budwig Protocol devised

by Dr Joanna Budwig in the 1950s.  She was a German biochemist and cancer researcher nominated for the Nobel Prize for Chemistry seven times before her death aged 95.  Her protocol alleges a 90% success rate across all cancers.  

I went through my pantry and threw out everything that contained sugar, damaged fats, dairy products,

processed food and the insidious chemicals that increasingly contaminate our food.  I was shocked to find this

process left my pantry virtually bare.  But flavourful and delicious food is essential for me to be able to

follow a post-cancer diet for the rest of my life.  


So I reinvented my pantry basics, devising delicious recipes with ‘clean’ healthy ingredients with my focus and intent on creating wellness.   I devised everyday meals that follow this no sugar, no dairy, non-damaged fats, chemical-free protocol and not only lost a lot of weight, but began to feel and look amazing.  More importantly, my cancer

went into remission – a combination of diet and a plethora of natural therapies

in conjunction with radiotherapy and ablation of the tumour.  

My wonderful daughter persuaded me to share this journey, reminding me that my entire life had brought me to this moment.  I trained at Leith’s School of Food and Wine and taught cookery in Hong Kong in the late 80s and trained

as a nutritionist in the 90s, I have also been an energy healer for 27 years, recently focusing on sound healing.   


These recipes have shaped my journey back to wellness and now is time to share them. 

Shannon Elizabeth x






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